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Banshee Bop - 32

In an unexpectedly timely episode, our crew brings in a local headhunter, Cam, to talk Lady Harrow's Mournflight.  The banshees are stealthing in to a crucial place in the meta and we talk about why.

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Miniature Fight Club: The best Underworlds batreps you'll ever see...

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And besides you're a ghost to most before they notice/ That you ever had a hair or a hide

When I lived alone/ Is there a ghost in my house?

Risky Business - 31

Phil and Davy break down a different way of looking at the game.  We talk risk evaluation.  Did we keep it more exciting than actuarial science?  You be the judge.

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school of hard knocks/ I took night classes

just lookin' for a needle/ that's lost in the sand

Mortal Realms Crossover Spectacular - 30.5

Happy 2020 all!  We'll be back with our regularly scheduled episode on time and in short order, but in the meantime, the Mortal Realms podcast family recorded a year end cross over.  The hosts of The Story Phase, Dogs of Warcry and What the Hex?! take a look at the year behind and the year ahead.


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Unlocking That Knowledge - 30

Max Bernstein has escaped his jailers at Battle for Salvation and guests with us- bringing one of his signature segments: Keys to Salvation.  Tune in for a broad spectrum of gameplay tips and musical recommendations.

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Battle for Salvation podcast

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All the Mortal Realms content...

Branches falling down / From sources underground

And I will try to fix you

A little vision of the truth in a world of lies

Contest Winner - 29.5

Thanks to everyone who entered!  We pulled a winner out of the hat today, and we'll be back with our full episode in 5 more days.  See you then!


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Mad Scientists At Work - 029

Welcome to asylum!  We've managed to bribe the guards to let loose the rare deckbuilding beast: Madskullz himself!  Progenitor of the Festering and Hungering (F&H) skaven build, what else does the madman have in store?


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And the worms, they will climb the rugged ladder of your spine/ We're all mad here

I just toss that ham on the fryin pan/ like spam

They don't scurry when something bigger comes their way

WTH? It’s been a year?! - 28

Bumper episode to go with our one-year anniversary as a podcast.  We bring the wonderful Geoff Osborne on to chat the most recent deluge of releases and a year of podcasting in Warhammer Underworlds.  We also announce our first ever listener contest!  Thanks for listening everyone!

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I am gonna make it through this year, if it kills me

Book Club - 27

Do you even read bro?  Benny's Cursebreakers and Adam's Eyes do.  They both brought tomes to the Warhammer World Grand Clash and they're here to talk about it.  Phil and Davy host.

(Note: Benny's audio got rough during the recap, so you can get his WHW experience as a bonus episode, coming soon!  Apologies, and thanks for understanding.)

Adam's Eyes Deck

Benny's Cursebreakers Deck

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You would seem so frail/ In the cold of the night/ When the armies of emotion/ Go out to fight.



Keepin’ Up With the Khusro - 26

Third week in a row of What the Hex?! content.  Here's where we admit it was all a dare to see if we could get you sick of hearing our voices.  But here's the sugar with your medicine: The inimitable Aman Khusro!  We talk bringing your decks up to date with all the latest tectonic shifts in game play.  Have a listen.

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Path to Glory



Battle for Salvation: Warhammer Underworlds Podcast

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"The darkness is falling, the sky has turned gray/ A hound in the distance is starting to bay"

Gettin’ in Line for Underworlds Online - 25

B-b-b-bonus content!  The good folks at Steel Sky Productions took some time from their schedule last month to record an episode with us about the development of Warhammer Underworlds: Online!  Get as hyped as we are about this!

(Note: Despite our best efforts at the time, we couldn't get the team to let slip the third warband.  Spoiler alert: It's Sepulchral Guard!)

Warhammer Underworlds: Online Discord Link

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"I am the voice of the next generation/ Completely digital"

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