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My Three (and a half) Sons - 091

If they can take a break from fighting over their dad's will, maybe those Sons of Velmorn can get it together.  Josh and Davy talk trying to build a championship deck for the overlooked half of Gnarlwood.

Underdogs Blog

Josh's Deck

Davy's Deck

Phil's Deck

Listen to Battle Mallet!

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I'll never forget you / Through the stories that I've heard

The BatMal BatRep - 090

What is this, a crossover episode?  Battle Mallet's Jerod squares of against our own Phil and a Gnarlwood out of the box Nemesis battle.  Listen to their recap of the rumble in the jungle!

Jerod's Velmorn Delvers Nemesis Deck

Phil's Teeth, Claws and Gnarlspirit Nemesis Deck

Listen to Battle Mallet!

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I'm tearing away from it/ Because I know I can

Totally Gnarly Dude - 089

You know where you are?!  You're in the jungle, baby!  You're gonna die!  We all are!  This is a release with a lot of big, big changes and Phil and Davy try to grapple with them all.  Do we succeed?  Or do we get turned into tasty compost for the Gnarloaks?  Give it a listen!

Why we Need Nemesis and Championship


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Go to war kid I'll give you any weapon you like

Ghurl, bye! (See you soon) - 088

Or: "Good riddance Hunger, you won't be missed" and other slam poetry.  The full crew talks a round table as the clock runs out on Direchasm with an impending return to Ghur in the mix.  We talk our favorites introductions to the game over the past year, and take a look at the cards that will leave us soon.

Flavius's amazing Gnarlwood board breakdown

Handful of Dice's Painters Spotlight

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Nothing wrong/ No, nothing wrong/ With a lie

You Mad Bro? - 087

Please welcome to the fold: Skyler (OmniOps), Brian (homicida1_llama) and Josh (MySizeFitzAll) who join the show to help us put the Gorechosen through their paces.

Brian's Deck (change that Draught!)

Davy's Shadeborn

Set the Tempo's Enraged

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Quench the thirst, drown the sorrow

Bleed Pray Love - 086

The Gorechosen are here!  Phil and Davy look at the faction cards through the lens of building a championship deck with them.  Listen as we forge a deck built of rage, wrath and fury.

Blog post for the deck

Check out our card-by-card reviews:

Gorechosen Faction Cards

Gorechosen Universal Cards

Deadly Depths Cards

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All but perished by now, but you can't erase the grin from those backyard skulls

Hexbane on the Hunt - 085

Phil and Davy pick apart the process of building a championship Hexbane deck.  Listen as we criminally neglect Weapon's of Justice!

Check out WathLab's Chosen Axes overhaul

The Deck Assembled

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And I'ma get mad deep like a threat Blow up your project, then take all your assets

J’Accuse!!! - 084

Nobody expects the Sigmarite Inquisition!  Our chief weapon is surprise, surprise and dad jokes, dad jokes and surprise!  Phil and Davy *get into it* coming at you with an audio battle report using the brand new Hexbane's Hunters.  Make sure you check out our card by card blog content on the new releases.

Hexbane Faction Cards

Hexbane Universals

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Abandon all reason, Avoid all eye contact

My Skull for the Skull Throne - 083

Meta got you down?  Why not take a step to the side, take a walk on the bloody side?  Phil and Davy talk playing outside the meta, with who else?  Garrek's Reavers.

Phil's Suicide Reavers Deck

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We're gathered here to maim and kill, cause this is what we choose

A New Rival(s plus) Has Appeared - 082

New Rivals decks you say?  Phil and Davy try to assemble a pair of Rivals Plus decks using the Vainglorious Raiders and Patient Lurkers decks published in White Dwarf Magazine (and available online),

Phil's Vainglorious Swarm

Davy's Patient Despoilers

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